SSPH+ Postgraduate Course: Migration Health

Together with the SSPH+ Inter-University Graduate Campus and colleagues from the Geneva University Hospital and the Swiss TPH, University of Basel we offer a course in migration health in a hybrid format. The course is open to PhD students of the SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus, other students and external participants are most welcome to apply as well. The three days course on Migration Health encompasses series of lectures, panel discussions, group work, as well as pre-course reading and preparation. 

This course, will allow participants to:
– Identify the major health problems of migrants on arrival, attributable to the arduous migration route
– Uncover healthcare service utilization challenges of migrants in host countries
– Understand public health impact of migrants’ health, with a special emphasis on early screening and diagnostics approach, and surveillance practices.

Date & Time:  22 – 24 May 2023

Registration is open. Come and join us!

Thank you for your interest. You can find all of the selection criteria and pricing info here.


Migration & Refugee