Working together to promote migrant and refugee health

To advance the health of migrants and refugees, our working group is active in training, research and clinical treatment.

We are based in the Emergency Department (ED) of Bern University Hospital.

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Promotion of refugee and migrant health

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Migration & Refugee Health in action

With our training courses, you will gain skills in the medical care of patients with a migration background and in the management of public health projects.

Furthermore, you will be able to apply these skills, as well as concepts of transcultural competence, within your own clinical routines.

migration refugee health in action
"By working together I believe we can not only identify barriers, but also overcome them."
Anne Jachmann, MD
Head of Migration and Refugee Health Unit


Our core competencies

Through training, research and clinical treatment, we promote migrant & refugee health and provide expertise for projects in this field.


We provide education for students and training for professionals in the field of migration and refugee health.


We conduct research and public health projects within Switzerland and abroad in the field of migration and refugee health.

Clinical treatment

Besides treating patients from over 148 countries at the ED, we have a special consultation hour for migrants and refugees.

About us

The unit of Migration & Refugee Health is based at the Emergency Department of the University Hospital in Bern Switzerland. The core team consists of Aris Exadaktylos and Anne Jachmann, who work in close collaboration with an extended network of national and international experts, institutions and organisations. With our practical experience and interdisciplinary team, we have developed broad expertise in the field of migration and refugee health and are effectively networked within this field in Switzerland and internationally. We participate in various expert groups, regularly present our results at national and international conferences, act as consultants for different institutions and organisations in the field and are very active in university teaching on migration and refugee health. Furthermore, we have gained expertise in the clinical treatment of patients with a migration background.

Our mission is to promote and strengthen migrant and refugee health and to raise awareness for the health problems of refugees and migrants on the one hand, and for those of refugee aid workers on the other.

As a consequence of our research and clinical experience, we identify health problems, patient characteristics and barriers to access to healthcare for migrants and refugees. These fundamental areas of expertise enable us to offer customised training courses for students and professionals. The programs provide participants with the knowledge and skills to tailor health care services to the needs of migrants and refugees.

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Aris Exadaktylos

Prof. Aris Exadaktylos MD, is the Chairman and Director of the Emergency Department of the University Hospital (Inselspital) in Bern and the Vice Dean of the Medical School, University of Bern. The motto of his department – “You never work alone“ – emphasises the great importance of teamwork.

Anne Jachmann

Anne Jachmann MD is the head of the refugee and migrant health unit at the Emergency Department of the University Hospital in Bern. Her motivation and passion is the fight for disease prevention and equal access to safe and effective healthcare services – particularly for refugees and migrants.


Our collaborators

We work in close collaboration with national and international experts, institutions and organisations and conduct research and public health projects within Switzerland and abroad.

Want to support us?

Are you an organization, institution or company looking for opportunities for Sponsoring? In order to keep the course fees for participants as low as possible and to be able to offer scholarships, we welcome sponsors who support our work. 

Are you an expert in the field of migration and health who would like to share your expertise? Participation of experts, e.g. in the form of lectures or workshops, is always welcome.  

By supporting our training activities, research projects and clinical treatment, you are contributing to the promotion of migrant and refugee health. There are many ways to actively support Migration & Refugee Health. We are happy to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities.

Thank you for your interest. You can find all of the selection criteria and pricing info here.


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