Application open

Come and join us for our first Summer School, an intensive course in refugee and migrant health. Don`t miss out and enhance your knowledge and skills in migration and refugee health.

The Summer School on Refugee & Migrant Health offers a unique opportunity to impart specialist and background knowledge in the field of refugee and migrant  healthcare and to prepare health professionals for the challenges and special features in the treatment of patients with a migration background. Moreover, we encourage networking and multidisciplinary exchange between peers and experts; our aim is to bring people together in order to create synergies and bundle resources. Participants will learn at first hand through lectures and exchange with national and international experts within the field of refugee and migrant healthcare. Additionally, innovative learning scenarios support the transfer of knowledge from theory to practice in clinical work and the management of public health projects. Through challenge-based learning, participants will be able to acquire and use their own skills to face some of the most pressing problems and to find potential solutions by formulating specific action / project plans to overcome challenges in the provision of healthcare to refugees and migrants.

Thank you for your interest. You can find all of the selection criteria and pricing info here.


Migration & Refugee