5th Swiss Symposium on Refugee and Migrant Health

The 5th Swiss Symposium on Refugee and Migrant Health will take place on September 15th 2023. The focus of this year`s symposium is to engage in exchange with experts about the complex relationship between climate change and migration. We will discuss the adverse impacts of climate change on health, on the protection of human rights and on migration flows. Experts will provide insights into legal, policy and health implications of climate change, as well as the use of tools to assist vulnerable populations and to measure the impact of displacement on health.
In addition, workshops take place in the morning addressing the identification, documentation, treatment, management and referral of patients with mental health problems or cases of domestic violence. The workshops will be offered in English with exchange in German, wherever wanted (marked as de & en), or solely in English (en) or German (de).
Thus, this year’s symposium will again provide an opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and clinical skills and gain new insights in the field of migration and health. Besides the exchange with experts and peers there will be again the possibility to get in direct contact with different organizations in our foyer.

Don`t miss this great opportunity to increase your knowledge, gain skills, exchange and to extend your network.

Join us for the 5th Swiss Symposium on Refugee Health on September 15th in Bern, Switzerland.

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