The Contents of the Book "Migration and Health in Nowhereland"

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Executive Summary


Undocumented Migrants

  • Migration in Europe and Undocumented Migrants (Gudrun Biffl)
  • Definitions and Methods of Estimation of Undocumented Migrants (Gudrun Biffl)
  • Sources of Irregularity: The Social Construction of Irregular Migration (Gudrun Biffl)

Health and Migration in Europe

  • Access to Health Care in the European Union (Gudrun Biffl)
  • Health Services for Undocumented Migrants in Europe: An Overview (Friedrich Altenburg)
  • Policy towards Undocumented Migrants of the EU27 (Carin Björngren-Cuadra)

Landscapes of Nowhereland

  • Situation of Undocumented Migrants in Selected EU Member States (Friedrich Altenburg)

Good Practice Examples

  • Good Practice Examples of Health Care Provision for UDMs (Friedrich Altenburg, Gudrun Biffl)

Voices of Undocumented Migrants

  • The Voices of Undocumented Migrants (Friedrich Altenburg, Gudrun Biffl)

Conclusions and Recommendations


"Migration and Health in Nowhereland - Access of Undocumented Migrants to Work and Health Care in Europe" ISBN 978-3-99031-000-7

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